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A Time for Glory - eBook small.jpg
A Time for Glory: The Time Warrior Sagas Book One

On Earth in the year 2143, the New Republic struggles with a new epidemic: suicide. A managed world without challenges to the human spirit has turned utopian life into one not worth living. To deal with this problem, the New Republic grants TimeMap Inc. access to time-travel technology, and soon time tourism flourishes. For a select few, the warrior guilds are the ultimate life-and-death time-travel experience. Joined by three unlikely allies, Logan Yarbrough, a talented art designer, must again travel back in time to rescue both his childhood friend Dawson, and his own reputation. Will Logan and his rescue team survive the Roman offensive in ancient Britannia in time to save Dawson? Can Logan trust his new companions to put their lives on the line for a complete stranger? Can he trust himself to do the same?

A Time for Honor - eBook small.jpg
A Time for Honor: The Time Warrior Sagas Book Two

Logan Yarbrough is a seasoned warrior. He is an anomaly in the great city-state called the New Republic which has for centuries strived to eliminate hate, violence, and unhappiness. But there’s a problem. The human race is slowly dying for lack of challenges. Survival and overcoming risk is a part of human DNA. Without challenges, the human spirit fades and then flickers. In the year 2146, the number one cause of death is suicide. That's where time travel comes in. Logan and hundreds of other warriors train in ancient combat arts and travel to distant battlefields to test their skills. But while Logan roams through time the New Republic is facing collapse. A new movement has risen to threaten the utopian society and the Time Warriors find they must exercise their violent talents in the present.

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A Time for Truth: The Time Warrior Sagas Book Three

On Earth in the year 2148, the utopian city-state known as the New Republic is fractured and focused on maintaining an iron grip on its citizens as a growing resistance movement threatens to topple the old regime. Logan Yarbrough struggles with his loyalties. In his heart, he knows the cause of the resistance is righteous but he’s no longer willing to help their leaders train for the great uprising. The urge to fight in simpler times overwhelms Logan and he flees the conflict of the present to experience the challenges represented in the ancient past. But he can’t run away forever.

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The Brotherhood - eBook small.jpg
Death Before Dawn: SEAL Strike Book One

In the post 9/11 world of special operations the Navy SEALs establish a reputation for excellence, courage, and fortitude. But for Lieutenant Matthew Barrett, he finds that becoming an officer worthy of respect in this elite band of brothers, he'll have to measure up to men individually selected for their prowess in combat and their poise under unimaginable stress. Death Before Dawn is the first in an exciting series of novels, authored by M. L. Strong, a decorated SEAL officer and combat veteran, tracing the trials and tribulations of young Matthew Barrett and the SEALs he leads into harm's way.

A Warrior Code: SEAL Strike Book Two


The river sapped the heat from their bodies. Only two hours into the mission and Matt was already having second thoughts. The jungle-lined ribbon of inky darkness made lazy twists and turns as it wound its way south toward the guerilla basecamp. Oby and Boone attempted to stay quiet, but with eighty pounds of war gear strapped to them it was nearly impossible to stay above water. Matt glanced at the luminescent dial of his navy issue dive watch. Damn it! Too much lost time. The loud crack of wood breaking on the shore caused him to jerk his head toward the nearby riverbank. The SEALs smoothly swiveled their weapons around. Things were about to get nasty!

The Brotherhood: SEAL Strike Book Three


Navy SEAL Matt Barrett was barely out of uniform and starting his new life away from the teams when he receives a call from an old friend, a friend who lost both his legs in Afghanistan to a roadside bomb. Matt is stunned to hear that his friend’s teenage daughter was kidnapped while on vacation on Hawaii and the only lead the police in Honolulu have is a tie to an Asian sex trafficking ring. Matt realizes his friend is desperate and that Matt may be the only person he can count on to find and bring his daughter home, before it’s too late!

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